• Homer

    Winslow Homer was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1836, Homer was the second of three sons of Charles Savage Homer and Henrietta Benson Homer, both from long lines of New Englanders. His mother was a gifted amateur watercolorist and Homer's first teacher, and she and her son had a close relationship throughout their lives. Homer took on many of her traits, including her quiet, strong-willed, terse, sociable nature; her dry sense of humor; and her artistic talent. Homer had a happy childhood, growing up mostly in then rural Cambridge, Massachusetts. He was an average student, but his art talent was on display early.

  • WikiGallery.org

    A database of thousands freely usable images to which anyone can contribute

  • Stanley Park Painters Corner

    Every good weather day throughout the year, for more than 3 decades, Vancouvers Stanley Park has provided the beautiful backdrop for a show of art by Vancouver artists. Between 9am and 6pm, the artists can be found between the Vancouver Aquarium and the Malkin Bowl, in an area of circular paths now known as "Painters Circle". The number of artists increases between spring and fall, and often on summer weekends more than 30 artists can be found painting, displaying, and discussing their work. Prices cannot be displayed, but the paintings are for sale, so please feel free to inquire.

  • Federation of Canadian Artists

    The artist's personal page on the Web site of the Federation of Canadian Artists.

  • Island Art

    Island Art is a wholesale publisher and distributor of Art reproductions and Art Products. Our emphasis is on work of the Pacific Northwest with a focus on the tourism industry. We represent some of the finest artists in their field and welcome dealer inquiries.

  • Copper Galley, Mexico

    The Copper Gallery features unique copper decor. Decorative copper vases, pots, pitchers and centerpieces. Copper chargers, copper candlesticks and hammered copper sinks. This beautiful copper art comes from the small village of Santa Clara del Cobre, located high in the Sierra Madre. Mexican copper has a long and rich tradition in this region. People here were working with copper long before Columbus came to America. The Spanish developed Santa Clara to supply their needs for cobre in the new world. Today, it remains America's center for handcrafted copper items.

  • El Delfin Jewlery

    This family owned store has fabulous jewlery in silver, gold, tanzanite, diamond, rubi, aquamarine, turquoise and that gemstone you are looking for your family or love. Mr and Mrs Rubio son, Jose Rubio who is a well known gemologyc in Mazatlan will give you the certificate and characteristic of the gems you acquire with them.